What Went Down: September 2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016

I Do Not Watch Too Much Anime (And Other Lies I Tell Myself)

Tears! The summer anime season is basically over. (I'm only finishing up Mob Psycho 100 and 91 Days to my recollection. It's so sad that it's gone. BUT we have Haikyuu season three coming in. WHOOP WHOOP. It's going to be the BEST anime for fall for me. No doubt about that. 
I only was watching ONE anime that's finished. Seasonal anime doesn't really count since it goes on for a few months. BUT since the season's over, I'm gonna link all the animes I watched this summer as well as the one anime I watched during September.

Mob Psycho 100. Wow. This is one of my favorite animes of this season. It's quirky and distinct. There is no action/supernatural anime as amazing as Mob Psycho 100. 5/5
Amanchu. This was such a surprise for me. It's so beautiful. The friendships are amazing, and Teko's character development was spot on. 5/5 
Orange. I was kinda disappointed by this anime. It was cute and emotional AT FIRST. But then is seemed to change and become something I didn't particularly like or dislike. So, overall, not a huge fan. But it's emotional beginning really did set the tone. 4/5 
Morose Mononokean. I wanted to love this so much. But a lot of things were just lackluster. The character development. The story. I much prefer an overarching arc; episodic is great...but not beneficial to telling a story. Plus, Ashiya could have been expanded more, but he never was given the chance. 3/5
91 Days. As much as I like revenge stories, 91 Days seems to fall flat for me. It doesn't go all out. The art is fine, but the story wasn't pushing itself hard enough. 3/5
New Game. This was cute. And that's really all. The story wasn't there. And the characters were following overused stereotypes. I liked the cuteness and Ko and Rin's relationship, but nothing was expanded. 3/5
Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru. At first, KonoBi's strange episodic nature turned me off. But then I realized I was rooting for Usami to get with Uchimaki. I was led on by this show, hoping for this to happen. And, no spoilers, but it wasn't the best ending. JUST GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT. 3/5
Re:Zero. AHHHHHHH. I love this show. It takes these morally gray characters and makes them likable. The animation is fabulous. Both OPs are to DIE for. And Subaru is so sweet and brave. Just ahhhhhh. And REM. BEST GIRL. 5/5
Neon Genesis Evangelion. I haven't really watched much of this. Because school. I'll try to watch more during October. Hopefully... So no rating yet!

Best Overall Anime: Re:Zero or Mob Psycho 100
Best Saddest Anime: Orange
Best Animation: Mob Psycho 100

Eternal Book Devourer

I've read EIGHT books this month. That is very...normal. I typically read 8 books a month. So not weird at all...

Steelheart. Dude. This was very action-y. I loved that. It was this pulse-pounding action book. With superheroes. Or supervillains? I'm not sure on that. But AMAZING. 4/5

Stalking Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper's always an interesting case. But this book really showed that. I didn't like the characters as much, but the mystery was pretty good. 4/5 Check out my review here!

The Thousandth Floor. Wow. Rich, horny teenagers much? That's all I can say. Because...I was so disappointed. This is a book where you can't judge it by its cover. 2/5
Firefight. After the amazingness of Steelheart, I kinda was disappointed by its sequel. It wasn't as action-y. And the romance thing kept forcing its way into the story. And...no, bro. No way. Not too bad. But not the best. And I'm not reading Calamity. NOPE. 3/5
The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love. Wow. I feel attacked. As an otaku (anime fan), I feel mildly attacked. The MC kept talking about otakus as if it's like "WOW. Candy-colored hair. Not as cool as comics." I feel attacked. And I'm not sure if the NYCC setting was right. But...meh? 2/5
Vassa in the Night. Dude. This was one whimsical book. I don't know the original myth. But it was very magical. A good read. BUT check out a more in-depth book on Teen Reads. Later. Sometime. 4/5
The Rift Uprising. AGH NO. This was such a strange book. It didn't seem right. The Blood Lust? NOPE. The 2016 dystopia? NOPE. The everything? NOPE. 1/5
A Study in Charlotte. I really wasn't shocked about this book. It was fine. Nothing special. I'd have preferred if Charlotte was the MC, but Jamie works. I guess? 3/5

I Am A Boss Blogger (And This Is Proof)

My Posts
Haha. School's been disrupting everything. Including posts. WHOOPS.
Almost everything I posted was book related. Not that I mind. But I like anime too! 

I participated in a blog tour for Phantom Limbs. It is a very interesting book. VERY interesting. Check it out here
I also reviewed Stalking Jack the Ripper. But that's above.
And I reviewed A Court of Mist and Fury. Which is -fans self- Check it out here
For BBCP, my team did another aesthetic. Mine is for Illuminae! Check it out here.
And the only anime post I had this month was a review. For Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Check that out here.  

Blogosphere Posts



Daily Lives of High School Peoples (aka Wren)

  • Ah, school. You hate me so. I had an APUSH test that I ROCKEDD. Yess. And I did pretty well on both Psych tests. But one was basically statistics, and I'm in AP Stats. So...no brainer there. But APUSH isn't too bad. It just depends on how much you like history and how hard you're going to push yourself. 
  • The first issue of my school paper is coming out soon! I haven't written a thing, but I've done photos and page designs. Only the latter is going in print, though. Or is it? I'm not sure. I don't think any of my photos are in this print this issue. But yeah! I did 5 pages this issue. I've only do maybe 3 at most. But it wasn't bad. I did 2 pages in one day, though. 
  • I'm taking up photography? Whaaa. It's true. I'm doing photos now for the paper as well. I like it. It's calming to see things through the lens. Plus, photos from a newbie like me turn out FABULOUS with the Nikon. Even though I might be trying for some artsy that doesn't work. Plus, my cutlines aren't too bad. 
  • I also went to a carnival with friends. I went on some spinning rides. And then I attended my first football game at my school. I've only gone to one before that. So it was interesting... 

  • I met Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings for the first time! I was at a Half Price Books event for the two of them. Plus, I met with some awesome friends from NTTBF 2016! Liv. Lizzie. Whitney. Caitlin And some of Liv's friends.
  • There was a Japanese festival! And I got goldfish. You know that goldfish scooping game? Yeah, I got three goldfish from that. I haven't named them yet. But I might call them all Harold in honor of my dead fish from my other goldfish scooping conquest back in April.
What did you do this September? What did you think of the summer anime? Are you going to Homecoming? Tell me in the comments!

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