Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books That Would Be On Your Syllabus If You Taught

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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This Week's Topic:

Top Ten Books That Would Be On Your Syllabus If You Taught 

I decided to mix things up this week. Instead of books on my syllabus if I taught X 101, I decided to make a list of ten books I think high schools should have on their required reading syllabus.
Have you seen some of those lists? Absolutely blegh. So here's my list.


This book has awesome females with awesome powers. Gender equality! And it also has antiheroes. Not all main characters are the 'good' guys.


This book has a badass girl. Gender equality again. And she knows lots of self-defense. That's just a plus in general.


This book has TWO LGBT characters. And they're MAIN CHARACTERS. AND they are minorities. 


This book explores a different side of LGBTTQQIAAP . The I in that acronym is for intersex. I honestly didn't know about intersex before this book.


Five words.
It's okay to be gaaayyy.


This book is about friendship. (Rare!) And minorities. (Rare as well!)


This book talks about depression in a new way. It doesn't hold back, though, and it tells the spiral of depression in a new and creative way.


This book has a huge emphasis on family. And keeping promises. Woohoo!


Just had to add this book.
Because magic. 
You gotta believe in magic and the impossible. 


This book talks about fitting in and being different. Definitely important. 


  1. I love The Night Circus! That book is so magical and dude that writing! It blew me away!
    I really want to read Ari and Dante. It sounds like a beautiful read, and I have a copy so I have to take it up soon!

    1. It was pretty awesome. Very magical. ;)

      It's not bad. Very interesting. Definitely check it out!

  2. Awk, I haven't even read HALF OF THESE. *sentences self to the corner of shame* I do so love Aristotle and Dante, and it should totally be required reading. ;) Also yessss to The Program! I didn't expect to adore that book so much BUT I DID IT WAS JUST MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD.