The First Rule of Fanboy Club: Don't Tell Anyone About Fanboy Club

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Every tomato, your leader is now a part of the Fanboy Book Club. If you'd like to join me in fangirling over boys in books, please join here.

"Tell us a little bit about yourself."
I'm the Wrenmato. I like books. Obviously. I like anime and manga. And jackets. And dessert. And Welcome to Night Vale. I'm not sure what else to say...
"How did you come up with your blog name?"
Fun part: I like tomatoes. I forgot who offered up The Bookmato Chronicles. But it was a great idea. So I stuck with it.
"Who is your favorite male character?"
VICTOR VALE. -rolls around in giddiness- He's so cool. Just...AAHH.
I regard Kaz Brekker highly too. He's smart and clever. The person I want to be. Smart and sly and cunning. 
WAIT. Can I say anime characters too?? If yes, Hetalia's Romano and Russia and Yato and Yukine from Noragami. Romano and Russia are all scary-ish but have warm hearts. Plus, you doesn't like the Italians? (Romano!) And Yato is all funny but also hides his inner demons. And Yukine...Noragami season one is all about his troubles.
"I'm giving you the freedom here. Who are your book husbands/book boyfriends?"
None. Okay. High School! Victor Vale is my secret love. He's wonderful. And too old in the book originally. So he has to be in an AU. 
"Book with a male lead that really stuck to your heart?"
Gonna lean to anime again. Sorry. I'm a huge anime fan. This would be Yukine. Just what's in his heart and what he has gone through and what emotions he has. His episodes made me cry. So amazing.
But book wise...none. I don't really feel for any special male lead. Books play my heartstrings, but I don't feel for any male leads. Sorry.
"Link to your social media accounts."
Why...are you going to stalk me?

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