Top Five Saddest Scenes in 'Your Lie in April'

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What comes to mind when you think 'Your Lie in April'? Music? Kaori's smile? A gorgeous OP?
What comes to mind for me is a massive waterfall of tears. It's a heartwrenching, soul-sucking anime. I swear, I cried almost every episode. 

This has to be one of the saddest animes I've ever seen. (Maybe even sadder than 'Clannad: Afterstory'.)
So I decided to put myself through the emotional wringer all over again to give you a list of the top five saddest moments of 'Your Lie in April'.

Please note that these are all from the second half of the anime, so there are spoilers.

5) Violin in the Snow in Episode 21

In episode 21, Kousei brings Kaori some caneles (Which I think are cannolis, but I might be wrong.) Kaori and Kousei go outside to eat caneles, and Kaori ends up playing an invisible violin in the snow. She ends up falling onto Kousei and crying a bit.
It's a sweet scene, but it's bittersweet since we all know what happens next.

This scene is extremely important in my opinion. It shows that Kaori is not going to give up on her dreams, and Kousei is part of that. It also shows how truly vulnerable she is as she cries in Kousei's arms. The effort of keeping up the facade of good health is finally getting to her, and she realizes that not everything is going to be okay.
This scenes also shows a lot about Kousei. He doesn't speak much in this scene and only really comforts Kaori, but it shows his love and care for her even in her darkest moments.

4) Dancing in the Clouds in Episode 22

In this scene, we get to see Kousei and Kaori playing in the clouds. Kousei is at his piano competition--the one he worked so hard for in the second half--and Kaori is undergoing her surgery. Kousei is playing, and he sees Kaori in this mystical, dreamlike state. They're in the clouds, above everyone else, playing their respective instruments.
It's a poignant scene because you know what happens next. And you know how Kousei knows. 

I love this scene because it shows how much light Kaori brought to Kousei's life. It shows how far he has grown as a person and as a pianist. It's also a sad scene (Most of this anime's scenes are bittersweet.) Kaori isn't truly there to play with him. But she's there in memory.
And this scene is when Kousei realizes what happened in surgery. It's sad but true.
Aside from the Kaori's surgery part, it's a magical scene in the clouds with wonderful colors and amazing music. Per usual of this anime.

3) Saki Reveals the Truth in Episode 13

Honestly, episode 13 is just insane. I did a post about it earlier
Throughout this episode, we're learning more about Saki and her relationship with Kousie. She's seen as a demon, but I feel like her character really turned around with this scene.

This happens after Kousei gets slapped and he yells at her to die. Saki admits to Seto that she's going to die soon. And that all she wants for Kousei is happiness.
It's a scene full of longing since you feel for Saki and want her to get better. Truly. This is the scene where your emotions for her take a 360, and you feel for her. Not everything she did was right, but she meant well.

2) Kousei and Nagi Playing Together in Episode 18

This scene isn't entirely about Kousei. And that's fine. We get a peek into Nagi's thoughts, and we also see how much Kousei has affected her life.

Nagi and Kousei go up to play for Nagi's school's festival. People are shocked, per usual, but they let it go and let them play. The two of them play a duet on the same piano. Kousei pushes Nagi, and Nagi, interestingly enough, pushes back.

What I love most about this scene are Nagi's thoughts. We hear her thoughts as this scene progresses with less and less of Kousei's. Kousei pushes her to new lengths, and he has become someone worthy to be called -sensei. 
Nagi grows in this scene as well. She finally accomplishes her goal of getting her big brother Takeshi to notice her. It's a major turning point in this arc of the story, and you can tell that the whole audience is mesmerized.

1) The Letter in Episode 22

This scene is after Kousei gets the letter from Kaori. He's reading it, walking aroun the city we've come to know so well. We see scenes from Kaori's perspective of Watari, Tsubaki, and Kousei together but out of reach. We learn about Kaori's love for Kousei and her motivations for playing the violin.

Of course, I had to put this as the saddest. It's the scene where you get the truth. The truth behind Kaori hanging with the trio. It's a scene full of gasps and aws because you fall in love with Kaori all over again. She's gone through a lot. And she really is strong. I admire Kaori, and this scene proves why everyone should admire her.

I do kinda hate that she played Watari, though. Rude. But still. What wouldn't you do for love?

I hope you enjoyed this list and didn't cry too much. Which scene did you think was the saddest? And why did you like it?

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