What Went Down: August 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Do Not Watch Too Much Anime (And Other Lies I Tell Myself)

I started and finished two animes this month! (Excluding all the airing animes I'm watching.)
Kamisama Kiss. Huh. I'm surprised by this. It's cute. The romance is cute. The plot is fine (Not the  best.) And Nanami is AWESOME. 3/5 (PS: Check out my review here.)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This was a moving anime. It was sad. And happy. And meaningful. I'm surprised. I liked this more than I thought I would. 5/5

I'm watching WAY MORE than these two. 9 airing anime in total. But these are the finished animes I've finished. (Wow. Sounds great, Wren.)

And because of school, I haven't finished the third anime I started. Which is Kill la Kill. But I still have some way to go!

If you want a cute, emotional anime, check out Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
If you want a fast-paced, adrenaline anime, check out Kill la Kill.
If you want a very moe anime about game design, check out New Game.
If you want a maybe-sci-fi anime with a freaking amazing romance, check out Orange.
If you want a surprisingly dark and artistically amazing anime, check out Mob Psycho 100.

Eternal Book Devourer

For once, I read! Haha! I have NO TIME anymore for anything. Except on the bus. So I read on the bus. (I gotta be in WiFi to watch anime.) Might try to pick up anime over the weekends, but it's tough when you constantly have assignments. OH WELLS. 
But I finished a WHOPPING NINE BOOKS this month. 

Also, ignore my ugly carpet.
This Ordinary Life. (Thanks, Brianna from Otaku Twins for giving me this as part of my birthday present! And, in case you're wondering, my birthday was back in April.) This was an interesting book. A quick read definitely. I didn't love it or hate it. It was interesting to see the family dynamic, but that was drowned out by the romance. 3/5
Tell Me Something Real. (An eARC for a book tour!) This was a different book. It had an interesting family dynamic, much like This Ordinary Life, but the story was more riveting and tense. Still, the romance was annoying. 3/5 (PS: Check out my review of it HERE!)
Phantom Limbs. (An eARC for a book tour!) The story of loss always seems to hit my feels. Hard. This book does make me feel for Otis. But still. 3/5 

The Girl Who Fell. Abuse is rough. Books typically don't show abusive relationships. But this one did. And it hurt my heart. But...I still couldn't fall in love with it. 3/5 (PS: Check my review out HERE!)

Let's Get Lost. Wow. I'm surprised by this book. It's pretty freaking amazing. It's cute and funny and meaningful. Not the best book. But pretty amazing nonetheless. 4/5 (PS: I totally took a lot of photos of this book when I was on a plane to FL and one the way back. Also, I was in first class. With the food photos to prove it.)

My Lady Jane. Wow. I liked this one. It's strange...but I do. It's cute and funny and witty. Plus, it's creative. Definitely a new take on the historical fiction genre. 4/5 (PS: Check out my review here!)
The Cruelty. I really had to suspend my disbelief about this book. It's action-filled and pretty cool. But the book wouldn't happen if Gwendolyn wasn't STUPID. 3/5 (Review to come)

Ask the Passengers. This is a cute book. But, per usual, with AS King books, I couldn't really get into it. It's strange. The story was hard to believe. And this is a contemporary book? I'm confused. 3/5

A Court of Mist and Fury. Unlike most people, I'm not a fan of this book. Or ACOTAR. The romance was fine, but I expected much more. Hype at its best. 3/5 (PS: Review to come!) 

I Am A Boss Blogger (And This Is Proof)

My Posts
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is considered a copycat of Attack on Titan, but I don't think so. See why here.
I read my first S Usher Evans book. The main character was whiny, but the magical history was pretty awesome. Check out my review here.

This season's anime hit its mid-season. What do I think so far? Check out my recap here.
There are problems with summer 2016's Orange. And I discuss on of them here.
Have you seen KonoSuba? Did you like it? I didn't. Why? Well...many reasons. See why here.

I participated in ReadThemAllThon. Which was super funn. 
Aesthetic Addict time again! I made a book aesthetic for...A Darker Shade of Magic. Wanna see? Look no further! It's HERE 

Blogosphere Posts



Daily Lives of High School Peoples (aka Wren)

  • Dual credit is done! And has been for some time. And I was FREE. For like...10 days.
  • I went to FL for a quick trip. (As stated in my quick recap of Let's Get Lost.) And have FOOD PHOTOS.

  • School started. I'm in week two/three of school. APUSH is DEATH (I mean that almost-literally.) And I'm wondering how the rest of the school year will be.
  • There was also a lovely Asian festival at a local grocery store. And I got FREEE stuff.

  • And I've decided to start a personal Tumblr! I haven't actually opened it yet. But it'll have photos with witty captions and vignettes and fun! So yeah. You should go check it out. When I make it. 
What did you do this month? And what's to come?

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